Temporary Pleasure presents: What Makes a Club? a Week-Long Workshop and DIY Dance Floor



Join us for five days of lectures, design labs and a building workshop enabling local scenes to co-create community-based club spaces.

We’ve spent the last decade looking at clubs from inside and out and believe brick-and-mortar clubs are broken: too rigid, top-down – and disappearing. To preserve the right to dance in community we need to reimagine clubs – replacing rigid clubs, barriers-to-entry, and lost spaces – with fluid clubs, co-creation, and new beginnings.

We believe that real collaboration and inclusivity makes for better music, dance floors and opportunities for community-building beyond the club. In alliance with FUTCH, we aim to amplify local energies, marginalised voices and identities that are often locked out.

Together in a single week we’ll build a prototype club space and platforming event that otherwise wouldn’t exist.


Schedule + Program

Monday 8th - Friday 12th November 2021

10 am - 5 pm

12 pm - 8 pm

Public showcase from 8pm (TBC)


Talks and Mapping the Problem

Designing Solutions

Finalising Design

Build Day

Building, Performance, and Shooting

*Schedule and program details to be finalised prior to start date.


80€ (contribution to cost of space, materials and catering)

This workshop is a non-profit endeavour. To remove barriers-to-entry, we are subsidising some places and assisting with accommodation. Please indicate in your application if you require assistance in order to participate.


  • All workshop, build and production materials
  • Light snacks, refreshments daily and lunch on Friday
  • Documentation of the process (photos and video)


How to Apply

  1. Fill out this form
  2. E-mail and say hi, attach your CV/portfolio, any relevant documents and links
  3. Applications close Sunday 24 October end of day
  4. You’ll be notified of the result by Friday 29 October

We have limited places available and will be selecting participants with a goal to bring together a diverse group which prioritises the voices of marginalised identities and local communities.

About Temporary Pleasure

Temporary Pleasure is a collective of architects, event producers, and club creatives generating new ways to imagine, build, and use the club – together.

We’re commited to amplifying local energies, particularly marginalised voices and identities that are often locked out. In alliance with FUTCH club™, we aim to facilitate the platforming and realisation of local needs. We also hope that by making space for people to work together like this, we can cross pollinate skills and perspectives, creating opportunities for community-building beyond the club.

About Futch Club

FUTCH emerged during COVID-19 lockdowns as an open alliance between bodies that wanted and needed a space in which not only be ‘included’, but decide everything.

We are a collective experiment sharing connections, support and resources through not only parties and performances but exhibitions, coffees, talks, workshops, books, debates and more.

Community-owned, transparent and consent-based, we strive to maintain a spot where queerness from any age and background can hang safely anytime of the day. As a non-profit we support trans, les(bi)an, migrant and local artists and activists via mutual aid, not charity.

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