Temporary Pleasure

Temporary Pleasure is a collective of architects, event producers, and club creatives generating new ways to imagine, build, and use the club – together.

We’ve spent the last decade looking at clubs from inside and out and we believe that clubs are broken:
Over-commercialised and detached from their social origins; with barriers to entry locking out grassroots creativity; and too rigid to adapt to the here and now, over two-thirds of clubs have disappeared since 2008.

If we want to preserve the right to dance in community we need to reimagine clubs:

From over-commercialised to community-based.
From Rigid to Fluid.
From Top-Down to DIY.

Our club-building workshops empower club creatives to create DIY venues - replacing rigid spaces and barriers-to-entry with fluid spaces and co-creation, responding to the needs of local scenes and communities.

We believe that real collaboration and inclusivity make for better dance floors, better music, and opportunities for community-building beyond the club.


What makes a Club? – A week-long workshop and DIY Dance floor


In just 5 days, we designed, built, and tested a prototype club space together with 20 workshop participants, a queer community center, a carpentry atelier, and a disused warehouse.

Participants were selected via an Open Call to imagine and build a new shared club, proposing and producing a Space (featuring catwalks, balconies, platforms, and a swing); a club Ethos and manifesto; and a Program highlighting local LGBTQ artists.

The resulting space was brought to life with ten hours of installations, DJ sets, and performances created and curated over the course of the workshop.

What Makes a Club Aftermovie