A mobile club system designed for Barcelona's Model architecture festival that can be easily transported to host events in a range of indoor and outdoor urban settings over the festival.

Taking inspiration from modified cars, mobile sound systems, and rave culture, we designed a set of customised ‘vehicles’ incorporating a sound system and DJ booth.

The vehicles were decorated with decals and neon under-lighting while totems expanded and defined the space for dancing and performances. 

With a Curatorial Award from Barcelona’s Model architecture festival we created 3 events promoting new ways of occupying public spaces and highlighting local artists.

A dance performance at the iconic Mercat dels Encants, evoking hyper-masculine car culture and queer raves in an exploration of gender, identity, and the intersection of subcultures.

A party with Jokkoo collective, an artistic musical collective whose work centres around black electronic hybrid music and African diasporic narratives.

A closing party on the rooftop of the Glories car park merging the fast rhythms of techno and y2k hardcore with deconstructed club, guaracha, and turromanía. 

Tomás Pintos

Acid Nena

Baba Sy



Piel Mixta