A DIY dancefloor in a disused Barcelona warehouse.

In just 5 days, we designed and built a prototype club space together with 20 workshop participants, a queer community centre, and a carpentry atelier.

With minimal time and budget, the space was transformed from a storage warehouse to an ephemeral club. A mezzanine level provided a birds eye space to see and be seen, allowing guests to show off while taking in the view and the dancefloor below. A silver catwalk served as a stage for performances and a runway for dancers. A swing suspended from the rafters above offered a playful and unexpected addition, allowing guests to swing among the dancers. Podiums could serve as stages for performances or simply elevated areas for people to dance and enjoy the music.

Karim Khelil


Nigel Garage

Marta Mer

Rebel Bunnie


Mary Poppers

Poto con Rocoto